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“Being a child from a hard-working entrepreneurial family, working hard was part of our identity. Reaching adulthood I strived for my own career. During various ones from commercial telecom cowboys to social (government) institutions, I thought that success was in a good income, doing well, a house and a cool car.

Back then I had not felt myself for years, I considered myself a walking head. With mastering quite some addictive behaviour I reached survivor mode. During a years-long search I found out that one can only experience real success when one feels at home in oneself. So my long personal journey went inwards.

Fast forward I feel privileged that in the meantime I guided a thousand+ people to this exact same place of soft inner strength. The place where you are exactly good enough, the way back to a fulfilled body and life.”

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An interview with kim

an interview with kim

an interview with kim

The first impression: Kim seems the kind of person who turns every situation into a learning moment and takes everything into her life and work to be of value. “Every interaction  is a source of inspiration for me, every experience an opportunity to learn again.”

And why the drive to develop?
“Nothing stays the same forever, I want to stay flexible with every new experience and new phases of life. I found out freedom for me is moving with the constant moving waves of life.”

What drives you to share this with others? ''To me personal leadership is about choosing for self-chosen restriction and dedication in order to feel free. For example I have chosen to not drink alcohol anymore since 2020 to feel more vital and stable. This is a self chosen restriction where I dedicated myself to. The freedom I experience since is beyond expectations. I often see people struggling and stuck expecting different results with same behaviour often leading to frustrations. I have discovered tools that are so simple and accessible to apply with only small mind shifts that work supportive.. I like to share it, because in my opinion sharing is simply multiplying.”

Is there a solution for everyone’s question? “There is not one way for everyone, but there is a (n-ice) way for every one. I am happy to guide you in finding your own unique path. But only for those who really want it to evolve.”

You live at Scheveningen. How does living near the sea influence your life?
“I live in Scheveningen and the NorthSea is 1 minute away from my front door. I have loved the sea for ever. The N in n-ice.world is an ode to the North Sea as well as the name of the first person I ever guided into the freezing winter sea. His name is Bert Noordzee (Dutch for North Sea). I love these little magic moments in life. As I love the subtel meaning of my name. Kim in Dutch means horizon. Horizons (of the sea)  are a great symbol in my life. It reminds me of the natural cycles of life. To me horizons are most beautiful at sunrise or sunset but also during the day they can be surprising, very nearby or yet clear and far away. Living at Scheveningen I luckily witness the sunrise and sunset quite often. I do my work out a few times a week at the beach and dive into the waves or flatwater. Just as she has to offer that day. The temperatures can differ from 5 till 18 degrees, depending on the season. The best start of any day to connect and melt into the nature in my front yard. I also take clients individually or in groups to the sea, especially in quite wintertime, I love that. Connecting to the nature of the sea, making the waving movement same as our breath. Here I can connect easily to my own breath, this most powerful instrument to remind us on our own nature. And what a joy  for us, we all possess this already and mastering the breath is accessible for every body. Everybody who believes and wants to self-invest”. 

We live in a striving society, yet you offer many exercises in being in the present. How do you combine the present with longing for new results? “Although satisfaction is in the here and now it is okay to also  strive for new horizons. As long as we do not condemn the current situation. In my believe fundamental changes occurs at the starting point of true acceptance. So I invest in the here and now, to avoid greenwashing and ‘if-then’ longing. If one can accept the present, the future can be a gift.”

You don’t offer quick fixes do you?
“Yes, I do! That is what I love about mastering the breath. It is the one tool I always have with me and everybody can learn from. Although I say I offer self regulating tools so you can become your own (breath)mentor, this does not necessarily mean that is difficult. That is what I enjoy about my work. I offer quick-fix-self regulating tools. The challenge could be to longterm remind oneself and therefor you can come to join sessions over and over again or join a program with more longterm support.”

You prefer to work with professionals who work with people?
Yes I believe, especially after Covid, a great shift into our own nature is required. And touching people who can touch others makes the greatest ripple effect. So yes I prefer to work with people who are leaders, HR managers, therapists, teachers  or social workers. Because they are leading examples and could inspire others too to connect to their nature. And because not every organization has big budgets for self development we offer special prizing for social companies and ngo’s. We use our Social Impact budget for that. One of our partners here is de Harde Leerschool. 

Please tell us a little more about your professional background?
“I have been working as an independent entrepreneur since 2007, from telecom and social organizations where I focused on people's personal development. I worked in organizations as a manager, as a coach, trainer and advisor. In 2019 I took on a rol as director for a charitable foundation, there I made steps in my business and financial leadership''.

But then fate took a turn?
“Yes, in 2019 my dad (62 years) suddenly passed away. My mother and I suddenly had final responsibility for the family business*. I had the capability to work hard, so stepped in nearly full time in 2019. It was an important process of grieving and continuing the business with dignity. By running this company, I again learned more about entrepreneurship. It was very important to us that the family business, which was founded in 1962 by my grandfather, could continue in good health for its respectable customers and passionate employees. So the decision was easy to make, and clearly not my longterm place. My core business are people, not technique. So early 2020 I decided to invest further in n-ice.world and my own personal development. I had some issues to resolve with myself, which lead to facing another layer of my eating disorder and gracefully thanking alcohol for all this had brought into my life. Until mid 2023 there still was a parttime responsibility for the family business but as per then I could also have more focus on further creation of my n-ice.world. 

2020 was a big shift?
“Yes I decided to focus on n-ice.world even when Covid hit it still felt like a good choice. I went through some new personal layers but also won a writers assignment to write a study to teach others to become a breathcoach. For a huge online educator Laudius, I wrote an educational book and became the (online) teacher. Since I have had over 300 students and I learn incredibly from each and everyone of them. I feel like a student of the breath. Even for this counts, the more I know, the more I don’t know. I believe the breath will be my life long teacher. And I thank her for that.”

Do you have the perfect job now?
“I often say I don’t have a job, I have a living. And although quite some hours goes into my work my number one reason to have a nice living is my family. I support my husband with his company and our two sons Mozes (2009)  and Karel (2007) and with my bonus daughter Julia (2001) where still needed. Where appropriate we take them a bit along into our businesses. But it is much cooler to work as a barista in dad’s company than it is is carrying tons of ice cubes for their mum.” 

* Want to know more about the family business?
Watch the short self-produced documentary here.

Anything you would like to add?
Although this is a long interview there is much more to share indeed since the 44 years I am on this nice world. I had the privilege to share my very personal story about my addictions on the Podcast of Roula in Real Life affairs.

PODCAST It is a long listen but if you feel like it: Real Life Affairs Podcast

Are you also raised in a family of entrepreneurs? I highly recommend the Dutch book: Ondernemersdochter.

The foundation of  n-ice.world
The n-ice.world method is built on the expertise of the Hormone Factor expert Ralph Moorman, the powerful method of Wim Hof, exercise physiology of Stans van der Poel, breath knowledge of the best breathing teacher Kasper van der Meulen, Artiva's emotional eating of Joanna Kortink , (systemic) coaching from Vilna van Betten, Cesar Lopes, Yiftach Sagiv from Essence trainings, spiritual coach Yama Voorhorst, speaking coach Mylene Duijvestein and many many more. Topped of with life experiences.

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