my n-ice teachers

Trying to make a resume of all the teachers in my life is an impossible task. Where to begin?

My (grand)parents? Juffrouw Schoo in Kindergarden?
My inspiring Dutch teacher Eise Postma at Erasmus?

Or my first mentor when I started working at Shell?
One of my mentees? My household support Gaya?
I would miss out on so many others.
Resume : teachers are to be found in everybody.

Yet society wants to know “Where did you get your education from?”
My answer always is…”From life”.

And in this amazing magical life I had the privilege to meet many amazing people. Some are teachers from profession, some only from the heart.
Before you continue maybe you find some inspiration by one of my lovely online teachers.

teachers my n-ice teachers

Relating to my current business activities. Vilna van Betten and Cesar Lopes have to be mentioned since they were at the beginning of my transformation around 2005. Whom educated me into coaching skills which lead to more leaderships roles.In 2017 more embodiment guidance crossed my path and I got certified by Wim Hof, Kasper van der Meulen, Patrick McKweon and Max Strom.

Wim Hof, from the Wim Hof Method.
“It is not about becoming the iceman, the method is about becoming more you!” - Kim Padding

For years Wim was considered crazy, a circus artist…yet in the passed years science caught Wim and many people experienced amazing results with his simple yet powerful method. I personally was able to deal with my monkey mind (what was called ADHD) much better. The Wim Hof method was an important contribution to Although we offer more than just the Wim Hof ​​Method® I honor everything in his method and are extremely grateful that WHM is an essential part.

Wim & Kim
I first came into contact with Wim at a big event, where he was hanging on a stool on stage making really funny jokes about serious stuff. And I only felt one thing…this man…this iceman, is heartwarming. If you google Wim Hof ​​you will find a multitude and diversity of films, claims and craziness. But this 3 minute video, this is what I fell for. The mission he carries out from a sincere love for humanity. This sincere mission resulted in my graduating his Innerfire academy in 2017. Now I offer WHM Fundamentals, expeditions and more...the n-ice.way.

“You can do with it whatever you want. It is here.
That is the way I use science, hand it over and you can make your choice.
You don’t need to but I love you and this is the way I present it to you.”
- Wim Hof

Patrick McKeown from Oxygen Advantage
How humble can a man be. Patrick is one of these people who has a mission, better breathing for everybody. Having cured himself from Asthma, having studied with Drs Buteyko for decades he developed Oxygen Advantage and now shares this with the world. No other organisation is taking such good care of his teachers as OA is. We receive cart blanche to use all his wisdom and make it our own. I will always honour what I have learned from OA.

Kasper van der Meulen, from Mindlift.
Kasper is originally a Dutch biology teacher that switched his personal life from overweight smoker to one of the best (biohacker) teachers I ever had. I had the privilege Kasper guided our group in a whole year in 2016 as he was the headtrainer of the Innerfire academy of Wim Hof.Since he developed his own breath coaching education. Kasper taught me how to make science understandable and applicable in daily life. His handpan performances during life events are a joy for the hearing sense. If you ever get the opportunity go and join a session.
Kaspers trainings are the Dutch way…Eclectic (aka Bij Elkaar Geraapt Zootje).

Max Strom from InnerAxis.
Max is one of the oldest breath-trainers active in the field of breathwork. Being 6”4 made me look up to him and being a multiple TedX speaker inspired me. Above all this his matter of speaking is what attracted me into his 5 days teacher training in 2022. Here I made some beautiful connections with my own voice as with inspiring people from all over the world.Max foundations lays in Pranayama, the breathing method from the Yogis.

Other inspiring teachers
Aside from these certifications I listen a lot to Andrew Huberman, neuroscientist at Stanford, Susana Soberg, Metabolic scientist & Thermalist and my all time favorite wise person, Alan Watts, greatest philosopher if you ask me.