n-ice code of conduct

Hi lovely being,

Welcome to n-ice.world, we are a group of professionals dedicated to teaching self-regulating skills through coaching, training, mentorship and transformative (group) experiences. Before participating in any of our programs, please carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions.

Since we focus on finding your n-ice way, and since there is not one way for everybody, yet there is a n-ice way for every body. We tailor our experiences to your need.
It is our responsibility to provide clear instructions, adjusting to personal needs, groupsupport (vs peer-pressure) and anticipate in the moment.
We fully commit to your process, wether you are in a one-on-one, small or large group program we feel responsible to guide you in our n-ice way.However we create an experience together, and therefor you are responsible to actually find your (n-ice)way. Honor your needs, prepare, express and take good (after)selfcare.

We trust you make sensible decisions, follow safety instructions during and life long after the experience. And always consult your specialist if you have any doubts or concerns.

To make things clear we summarized the basics of working together in this Code of Conduct.  Anything missing here, we trust you feel and take responsibility for.
Always be welcome to reach out to us.
And check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Warm regards,
Team n-icesmile@n-ice.world

The following applies to all products offered by n-ice.world & The BreathFluencer Academy


Where n-ice.world feels responsible for the professional guidance and a n-ice experience. You are always responsible for the effectiveness and outcome of your experience.
If you decide to participate against any advice without us knowing, we request you to be extra self-aware. When we see a dangerous situation we will request you to stop.

Tolerance for all n-ice people
We strive to create a supportive and respectful environment for all participants. We expect all individuals to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds our values of integrity, empathy, and inclusivity. Any behavior deemed inappropriate or disruptive may result in removal from the program without a refund. But we trust this is never needed.

Safety Guidelines
Your safety is our top priority. During your experiences, it is essential to follow all safety instructions provided by our instructors. This includes but is not limited to proper breathing techniques, gradual exposure to cold water, other selfregulating skills and above all listening to your body's signals. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please communicate with our crew immediately.
Also all that is shared personally by participants and instructors will be honored and not shared outside the experience.

Rescheduling Policy
When we dedicate our time for you we trust you do the same. Although we know life can happen. In general we do not have any refund options on last minute cancellations.
Mentor programs (one-on-one)
Rescheduling is possible 72 hours prior to your appointment. After that there is no refund possible.
Group bookings can be rescheduled once free of charge up to 28 days prior to the planned event. If rescheduling is requested between 14 and 28 days before the event, a rescheduling fee of 50% of the original quotation will apply. Rescheduling requests made within 14 days of the event will incur a rescheduling fee equivalent to 100% of the original quotation. All rescheduling requests are subject to availability and must be communicated to n-ice.world in writing in advance. 

No Refund Policy
Under normal circumstances, refunds are not possible for paid coaching, training and experiences. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, preventing you from attending. In such cases, regarding open registration events, you have the option to resell your ticket to another individual. Please inform n-ice.world if you choose to do so to ensure a smooth transition.

Liability Waiver
By participating in our programs, you acknowledge and accept any inherent risks associated with coaching, training, and cold water immersion experiences."You agree to release n-ice.world and its instructors from any liability for injuries, accidents, or damages that may occur during or as a result of your participation.

Medical Disclaimer
While our programs focus on self-regulation and well-being, it is important to recognize that each individual's health and medical needs are unique. Before participating in any of our activities, we strongly advise consulting with your medical specialist to ensure that it is safe for you to do so. If you have any medical conditions or concerns consult your specialist and contra indications.
Please inform us in advance so that we can provide appropriate accommodations or modifications.

InsuranceIf the coach has been grossly negligent, any liability shall be recognized and covered by the coach's insurance policies up to the amount of the payout by the insurance company, or otherwise up to the amount of the fee for this client's assignment. If the coach inadvertently causes damage to buildings or property of a client or causes bodily injury, any liability shall be recognized and covered by our insurance policies up to the amount of the payout by the insurance company, or otherwise up to the amount of the fee for this client's assignment. The coach cannot be held liable for direct or indirect consequences of normal, incorrect, or imprudent use of the services and information provided by her. The coach also cannot be held liable for consequential damages. In all cases not mentioned above, any liability of the coach is limited to the amount of the fee for this client's assignment.