Breath experience

Breath experience

breath experience

Business Breathing
your breathing, our business.
we make it yours, too.

                                                          BREATHE OUTSIDE YOUR OFFICE

One of our missions is to bring breath awareness to the workplace.

We do so in Business Breathing training, Zen-ergizers™ & Breath-ercises at the office & exhibits & events. Let yourself be inspired or contact me to co-create something tailored for your organisation.

We offer n-ice options for all your business well-being activities.
From fun & easy to fun & in depth.

Business Breathing™
     Stress less, breathe better during work, speaking, work-outs.
     Breathe better everywhere.
     We offer this in Experiences, Workshops or Trainings at the office.

McBreathe™ by M.C. Breath
     A snack McBreathe during events, exhibits or at the office.
Or a real Breath-workout with our Breath-ercises.

The n-ice Recharge Station

   Let our BreathFluencersguide your guests.
    Speed (breath) coaching at your event or exhibit.
    To continue with energy.

Breath-mentoring on the job
Let us guide you and your breath during your at the job.

Vital-iced Leadership
Join one of our n-ice personal leadership expeditions.
yes, let's co-create

Business Breathing 

                                                                 Stress less(ons), breathe better.

An experience, workshop or training where your guests or employees learn in an interactive way about how their breath is connected to their entire body. They will learn and experience how both the physical and mental state of being can influence their breath and vice versa.

We offer our experiences in three options:
Experience : A breath of fresh air.
Mainly focussed on functional breathing.
Workshop : Breathtaking.
Full emersion with functional breathing combined with the soft power of potential breath self-healing.
Training : BFF-breath
Follow a 5 week training to really get to know your breath from different perspectives. We stimulate to invest in your BFF, Breath is Friend Forever.

Business Breathing can be beneficial for:
Stress-less, Burn-out prevention & recovery, Mind-body connection, Quick stress relief, Creative thinking & Relaxation, Boosting energy, Focus & concentration, Emotional & physical resilience, Sleep improvement, Physical performance & Pain management, Public speaking confidence.
                                                           A necessity for everybody.

#People: 20 to 100's
Duration: from 30 minutes to 5 weeks
Costs: from €750 excl. VAT
Make breathing our business

M.C. Breath
For consciuous (dance)events opening

Let M.C. Breath guide your artists, speakers or guests start and/or end your (dance) event consciously.

A relaxing, energizing or altered state experience.
We guide according to the needs in the moment.
#People: 2 to 2000
Duration: starting at 30 minutes
Costs: from €750 excl. VAT
Let M.C. Breath guide our (dance)event

Mcbreathe by M.C. Breath

Feel for another kind of energizer?
Let us guide you these Zen-ergizers.
Or we guide you in a Breath-ercise.

A snack breath for a breath of fresh air during your business symposium.

McBreathe by M.C.Breath
10 minutes snack-breath refreshers (or a bit longer).
Standard or tailored to your own event-theme.
Live or recorded.

McBreathe online
15 - 30 minutes guided breath meditations (live or recorded) or activating breath-ercise™.

#People: 2 to 2000
Duration: starting at 10 min.
Costs: from €150 excl. VAT
McBreathe, mjammie.

THE n-ice Recharge station
Breathe, Coffee, Breathe, repeat.

At our recharge stations you will enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and a personalised speed consultation to power up your day.
Recharge your body & mind and continue refreshed your nice way.
This memorable experience will enhance your exhibit or event.

During these speed coaching experiences your guests decides on their needs. When they need inspiration we offer a menu card with recharge options for : 
🌬️ Mind-body connection                  🌬️ Focus and concentration
🌬️ Quick stress relief                            🌬️ Emotional resilience & release.
🌬️ Creative thinking                            🌬️ Mindfullness and relaxation.
🌬️ Boosting energy                              🌬️ Sleep improvement.
🌬️ Physical performance                     🌬️ Pain management.
🌬️ Public speaking confidence.

Although made accessible with a touch of fresh- and lightness your guests will actually learn something sustainable and memorable.
And drink amazing coffee from our partner Coffee on Wheels.Of course we can also recharge without coffee.

#People: 100 to 2000
Duration: from 2 hours including unlimited coffee
Costs: from €950 excl. VAT
yes, Recharge my guests!

Breath-mentoring on the job
A tailored guidance at the workplace

You got your sh*t together.
You know you are succesful yet sometimes lack of the feeling this.
You know about the imposter syndrome and want to finally embody the succes that is already there.

During a mentor-program we walk along in your workingday and we take time to reflect afterwards. Yet during your daily tasks (behind the computer, speaking in front of your team or while working out) you experience a lack of focus, quickly tired, in survivor-mode or quickly tired.
You will receive tailored practices to improve your energy management.

Choose "mentor for a day" or "a year mentorship".

#People: 1 on 1 guidance
Duration: from 4 hours till a year program
Costs: from €750 excl. VAT
yes, I want a (breath)Mentor

the conscious kick-off event or project.

Want a conscious and original start of your event or project?
A conscious kick start of the week or a kick off of the weekend?
Or maybe change some TGIF- Office drinks for a TGI-breath session.

We either guide you in starting or closing your event or period or both.

We celebrate your event together, the n-ice way.

We guide you in your breath, focus, goals and intention setting.

#People: 10 to 100's
Duration: from 15 - 90 minutes
Costs: from €150 excl. VAT
Consciously guide my team, please!