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For high performers

                             You know who you are.
                             Know where you want to go to.
                             Yet don’t want to do this
alone anymore.
                             Maybe you experience insecurities (imposter syndrome).
                             Or just get in doubt and freeze sometimes.
                             You need the right people around for your next step.
                             You want to contemplate, reflect and share.
                             You seek for a person how really listens.
                              Listens to you beyond the stories.
                              Somebody who sees you and shares your powerskills.
                              And together we breathe.

Let Kim be your mentor during this journey where you will find your nice way to become your own mentor for the long run.

Choose 88 days mentorship (individual or breathcoaches) or (half) day private retreat.

Low budget option : 45 online intake + tailored audio breathmeditation.
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For high performers

"I will share EVERYTHING I have learned, tools, and all relevant people I know. As your mentor you become one of the n-icest people in our If you are feeling YES…then I love to be your mentor in the following period ahead."

The mentorship program is a combination of coaching where you will acquire new skills but you also invest in deepening your own unique abilities. You will receive personalised additional sessions from the n-ice team.

As our n-ice member, you will receive invites for live events, new online stuff and stay in our n-ice inner-circle.

#People: 1 on 1
Duration: 88 days months.
Light : 
Online intake, 1 groupsession, 6 hours guidance & 1 personalised audio meditation.
Intense :
Online intake, 1 groupsession, 10 hours guidance & 2 personalised audio meditations.
Costs: Light : 1199 euro, Intense 1599 euro.
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Private retreat

The (half)day retreats is for those who want a one time intervention.
We tailor the day to your needs.
- This can be longing for relaxation and recharging,
- Just a fun enriching me-day,
- Feeling if one-on-one guidance is a match for you.
- Want to join with a group of your loved ones.
You receive an online intake. Followed by a (half)day retreat in Scheveningen, Vila Haags Hopje or a place you choose (quotation based).

#People: 1 on 1 (extra person possible)
Duration: (half) day
Costs: Half day from 750 euro, whole day from 1100 euro.
Extra person +35%
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in your home - budget option

You fill in a short intake.
We schedule a 30 - 45 online session.
I will create a personalised audio meditation for you to use over and over again.
You receive the audio within 24 hours after our session.
Your breathwork coach at home.

#People: 1 on 1
Duration: endless
Costs : 1 audio : 150 euro, 2 audios : 222 euro
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Standard guidance

Soon you will find pre-recorded audios to let yourself be guided @home.

#People: 1 on 1
Duration: endless
Costs : from 33 euro.
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