Yesterday three years ago...a woman entired my workshop with a small present.
She feared the cold so much and felt the calling to be guided by me.
The guidance is never about me, but about something the other sees in me.

Don't get me wrong, I really know my talents and am not shy about it. But when a person chooses a guide/coach it is because they feel safe due to something that just feels right and familiar.
Dieuwertje felt something and followed the she did continously in the next three years.
5 week breath & cold exposure? YES
5 day Poland InnerMountain Expedition? YES
Instructor couse? YES

Now I welcome her as a colleague and love to hire her for support.
Welcome home Dieuwertje...thank you for following your energy.

Note: this is Dieuwertje her path, the method is NEVER about becoming the iceman or becoming an instructor. The method will help you guide yourself. What will be your n-ice way?
Happy to guide you!
Warm regards,

Read Dieuwertje her story of 21/11/2023 :

This is the story of a girl who could not feel her body anymore and was, and is, scared shitless of the cold.

I was a head with a walking stick attached to it. I thought my body was a pain in the ass. That body that did not do what I wanted and started to protest when I did things that I thought I needed to do.
And on top of that…….
I was scared shitless of the cold.
I saw a blond woman in an ice bath on my Facebook feed and instantly knew that it was with this beautiful woman that I wanted to conquer the ice.
I heard the ice hitting the side of the icebath. Thoughts of fear entering my mind. Paralizing me.
‘Why do I do these things?’
‘Why can’t I just do the things I am comfortable with?’
‘Why am I not at home relaxing instead of being at this workshop?’
I wanted to bail.
I took a deep breath in. And a looooong one out.
I stepped into the icebath.
Lowered my body slowly into the cold.
Closed my eyes and fell into the darkness within.
The ice on my skin. Like knives piercing into me.
Ear-deathing silence.
I openend my eyes and found myself looking into de warm, soft comforting eyes of my instructor.
“I’m still here” I said.
‘Yes’ she said.
I felt a warm tear running down my cheek.
As I got out slowly, but steadily, everybody clapped. Oh yes they were here too.
For the first time in years I could feel my belly again warm like an oven.
I could feel my whole body once again.

Re-connecting to my body has made my days happier, and me feeling healthier and stronger.
This is the story of a girl who can now feel her body and was, and still is, scared shitless of the cold.
So today if you are scared shitless of the cold that is o.k.
This is your journey.
And see which gift the immersion of the cold brings YOU.

Dieuwertje obtained her Ph.D Business Administration and graduated at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen specializing in International Marketing. After flying high in the business world in Marketing with Unilever Mexico, Nutricia, Economical Affairs and StarJob, after listening to her inner voice started a retraining program to allow people to connect to their bodies once again and learn to hear and listen to their inner voice. She is a recognized Reflexologist, graduated at the IFR International Federation of Reflexologists accredited course Reflexology in the United Kingdom. Dieuwertje obtained her HBO Basic Medical Knowledge in 2017 once again and is specialized in Oncology, Grief and Dying. After an epic Winter Expedition to Poland in 2023 she instantly knew she wanted to share this amazing feeling of empowerment and certified as a Wim Hof Instructor later that year.

Dieuwertje teaches people to listen to their body once again and guides them to take the necessary steps to do that what makes their eyes sparkle.

A wall of n-ice people
One of the best parts of my life is the extraordinary people. And not because they are famous or really succesfull but because they are extraordinary pure in their own way. I wanted to start this for a long time. I now, when I feel it, when I feel time I will write about these people. Some just passing by once, some that stay around longer. I will write from my eye...not the truth, but my truth.

In case you feel you miss 'nice' people in the world?
Let yourself by inspired by the quote of Nishan Panwar.
The world is full of nice people.
If you cannot find one,
Be one.