Wieneke is the kind of person I was 'in awe' with during our first business meeting.

She is connected to the spirtual world due to her embodiment and knowledge we have to do the work here and now.

This makes her a trusted team member to journey the InnerMentor truffle expeditions with.

I always want to offer quality in most sincere form Wieneke is this in her field of expertise.
Wieneke and I were introduced through the Microdosing institute.

Below you read Wieneke her own story.

Looking forward to guide you together.


Hello, my name is Wieneke van der Wissel

I am a Holistic Coach. I use various cognitive and physical interventions in my coaching programs in which meditation and breathing always play a central role.

Everyone lives from his/her own world perspective. I want to bring connection to living and working together. I do this by listening and being really curious about the other person. Hearing and seeing the dynamics of everything in and around us. Finding out what's going on in what you see and what you don't see. The psychological, creative and spiritual development of man has fascinated me from an early age. I am always looking for the best version of myself and others. My higher goal is to contribute to people's awareness.

The inner world is an interesting environment in which I have already learned and experienced various techniques. Since my youth I have been looking for who I really am and plant medicines are my best teachers. Through ceremonies and macrodosing I have been able to rediscover the deepest part of my being and remember who I really am. It has literally taken me from a life in survival mode, to a life of truly experiencing life and being sensorially aware.

Getting in touch with the plant is a sacred journey whether it is micro or macro dosing, for me life is a ceremony. Everything you do requires attention and conscious presence in order to experience and experience it in its fullest form. And this is especially a huge challenge in our fast-paced world, because where is the delay so that you can really be aware? Being kept on task again and again and remembering who I am is something that the macrodosage and microdosage help me with every time. I have experience with various plant medicines and also include this wisdom in my guidance.

After the ceremonies, I and others experienced a lack of integration with daily life, until I discovered Microdosing. Microdosing has shown me how the wisdom of nature can also help us as humans to become more aware.

My approach in microdosing coaching

you currently want to get started with or are hindered by and what that is related to, so that we can get an idea of ​​what you have to do and where you want to go.

In my coaching I adapt to your personal situation and guide you step by step. Your personal growth and breaking patterns and creating insight is my goal. The combination of microdosing and my coaching will deepen and accelerate the process and may have a visible impact on your experience.

The plant medicine is a fantastic teacher for me and who knows, for you too. Based on my experience and intuition, I will point out a number of things, offer you exercises or advice.

Coaching style: Holistic, Intuitive, present with the power of the moment through meditation and breath.


~ Anthropology: Cultural organizational management


~ Breath & mediation work

~ Voice dialoque

~ Systemic work

~ Massage

Type of clients:

~ Who wants to be more in touch with their feelings

~ Who wants to get away from medication

~ Those who want to be in deeper contact with their essence

~ Who wants contact with the plant

~ Anyone who is grieving or experiencing a great loss

Type of guidance: Listening to what you say and to what sometimes lies beneath it and remains unsaid. To give you insight into your motives by asking, naming and listening and to investigate which steps are interesting to take. So that you get a clear picture of how to follow your intuition and listen to the inner voices that have your best interests at heart. If you want to find out more about me, visit

A wall of n-ice people

One of the best parts of my life is the extraordinary people. And not because they are famous or really succesfull but because they are extraordinary pure in their own way. I wanted to start this for a long time. I now, when I feel it, when I feel time I will write about these people. Some just passing by once, some that stay around longer. I will write from my eye...not the truth, but my truth.

In case you feel you miss 'nice' people in the world?
Let yourself by inspired by the quote of Nishan Panwar.
The world is full of nice people.
If you cannot find one,
Be one.