thinking. feeling. doing. being.


Long for inner harmony...

no matter life's challenges.

move with ease to the...

constant changes of life.

Invest in resilience, it pays the best interest.

About resilience

Resilient people* : 
Accept reality (no greenwashing).
Have a strong belief life and intentions are good.
Have the endless capacity to improvise.

We cannot influence the circumstances, we can influence how we relate.
Resilience is the one super power one needs.

Resilience is : 
The ability to bounce back or recover from challenges or stressful situations.
The capacity to adapt to difficulties and changes
while maintaining a sense of well-being and functionality.

Resilience is not about avoiding or eliminating hardships.
Resilience focuses on one’s ability to navigate through hardship,
emerge stronger
and feel n-ice along the way.

* source : Harvard Business Review




Emotional Intelligence
Growth Mindset
Positive Outlook
Problem Solving Skills
Social Support

Why build Resilience

Building resilience will benefit in your daily (working) life.

So you can deal with the constant changes of life, your job, your business.

And to be prepared for upcoming life events and different phases of life.

Personal well-being will influence the corporate well-being and that results

in sustainable employability and just one nice life!

Building and using resilience is the only super power you will ever need.

                                                                                                                             Developing resilience is a lifelong process and can be strengthened through
                                                                                                                             various practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, comforting the                                                                                                                              discomfort, self-reflection. Setting realistic goals, maintaining a healthy
                                                                                                                             lifestyle, and cultivating positive relationships.

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in-company & open registration


Vital-iced leadership

how to builD resilience,
              the n-ice way

We guide people in groups, teams and whole organizations and upon request individually too.

Resilience the n-ice way : 
♡ Grow emotional intelligence & inner wisdom,
                                                 versus knowing everything.
♡ Create a sincere growth & positive mindset,
                                                but no greenwashing, true colors only.
♡ Learn to manage your physical and emotional stress,
                                                 stretch but don't push beyond boundaries.
♡ Evolve and cultivate effective coping strategies & self-care,
                                                 versus numbing by addictive behaviour.
♡ Maintain a problem solving attitude,
                                                versus doom-thoughts.
♡ Seek support when needed,
                                                doing it by yourself but not alone.

Find support through coaching, mentorship, therapy, counseling or a combination.

                      We invest in people for our n-ice world and your nice life!
yes! advise us in resilience.


Rolf Visser

It was a great session. Our team is very enthusiastic about content and Kim. For me it was a revelation about what breathing does. Highly recommended for any organization that strives for high performance!! High talent team Deloitte.‍

Lisa Heitkamp

Kim has a good sense of the atmosphere in the group and conveys her knowledge in a skillful yet light-hearted manner. And nothing is crazy. She clearly indicates that everyone is in control and can determine for themselves what the boundaries are, very pleasant. In short: an absolutely positive experience under the guidance of a warm, professional and humorous lady. ‍

Five Ceasars family holding

As a (family) business, we followed training with Kim for an afternoon. It was a dive into the cold and it was very rewarding! Concrete, compelling and with room for everyone in the group to indicate his/her boundaries. Recommended!

Cesar Lopes

During the Extra Mile Coaching Academy training I worked together with Kim for 7 weeks. She is a powerful woman who knows what she wants and gets the job done. What makes her special is that she also has a very good eye for the people she works with and through that gets excellent results. Furthermore she is also willing to look at the points where she can improve and grow all the time.

Vilna van Betten

I experience Kim as an open, spontaneous and, above all, honest coach who has a heart for the people around her. Through her committed and people-oriented style she gets people moving and taking action. Exactly what her company stands for

Nynke Schrakamp

Kim is a wonderful teacher and created a safe and welcoming atmosphere. I like her feminine approach. I consistently implement what I have learned into my daily life.

Zsanett Lakatos

I felt safe in the presence of Kim, she is truely enthousiastic, authentic and empatic. She lives and loves what she shares.

John Loudon

Kim is a relaxed, easy accesible, energetic and sincere instructor, who knows what she does. Ze created an atmosphere that was beyond all expectations. For me the day was about unwinding of the daily fast living, which created an inner journey, releasing emotions without actually knowing where all came from. But it felt needed and welcome.

Marguerite Lok

We experienced an amazing workshop with Kim Padding for our (family) company. What en energetic, balanced and humores power woman with a lit of knowledge and experiences to guide this workshop. Highly recommended.

Sometimes you work with people who understand what I mean and what the space is to create movement in a Leadership team. Sincerly great!

Mirjam Graat

It was a very special and pleasant experience. And it gives you good tools to continue with yourself. It's great that you can exert so much influence on your own autonomous system. Thank you very much!‍

Jos Kerkvliet

Will never forget this experience! The breathing as guided by Kim gave me an experience that I would like to experience many more times, absolutely wonderful! thank you very much for this experience Kim. And I can be brief about the ice bath, everyone should do this, wonderful for your body and mind.

Inge Beentjes

I highly recommend Kim's workshop! In a down-to-earth, clear but also profound way you will learn how to come to yourself through, among other things, breath work.

Sylvia Bouman

What a special experience the breathwork session with Kim was. It was the first time for me, but boy, did it make a lot of difference. And what good guidance Kim provided. It is highly recommended to participate.

Mylene Duijvestein

I've always been a cold person. The idea of ​​sitting in an ice bath didn't really appeal to me. Still, together with Kim from, I took the step. How happy I am about that! An unforgettable and transforming experience! The breathing sessions are also very valuable for me, because I now use this method daily to release tension. Thanks Kim, I will definitely come again!

Stefan van de Brug

We had a wonderful evening! Kim is a great instructor and a powerful and safe environment. We also had a great lovely small group of people in a very beautiful location, I recommend this!

Jasper Molenaar

Good experience. Kim is a great instructor.

Charissa Ros

It was a very experienced and educational experience. I would definitely recommend this to others around me.

Susanna Gerritse

Due to corona we switched to a private session. Kim found the most amazing place for the workshop. It was a great experience for us.

Reinoud Feenstra

Amazing experiences.

Maryse Elliott

Kim’s guidance was friendly, warm and nice throughout the workshop. She elaborated the breathwork from her own experience which was wonderful. The workshop helped me with my daily practice. And as a bonus the music was fantastic! ;o). Very grateful for Kim and for the great experience.

Denis Satan

Amazing experience. Try to come with an open mind and you will experience something that you may remember for the rest of your life. I suggest you treat yourself to this experience (you and your loved ones) and instead of traveling money, use it for this! :) The setup is there and Kim is super friendly, attentive and definitely a person I have throughout this whole experience is super friendly. 10/10

Sergio Corcuera

Kim helped me refine what I've been doing through the app for a few years

Marie-José van Gaalen

Inspiring and heartwarming

Axel Nio

Happy healthy boy here!

Jesper Ebing

What a day it was. At first I was a bit skeptical, but everything changed. I know I should thank myself, but I want to thank everyone that day for the good experience.

Chantalle Nuhn

Great day with Kim and Jaime. The level of attention and energy they give is amazing. I loved every minute and will book another experience! I highly recommend this experience with

RIgor Freeke

I want more!

Levi Damoiseaux

Very special experience. Please continue your path!

Ron Boer

Amazing experience! Kim has a lot of energy. Thirsty in months when a workshop was possible due to covid 19. So Kim provided a truly wonderful experience. Great location, live DJ, live didgeridoo and guitar, coffee, tea, soul. Big value for money. But above all: good breathing. Love it!

Nick Bats

It was a very intense experience that I can recommend to everyone.

Karen Spierenburgh

What a special experience! And what a fantastically warm person Kim is. I had no idea what I expected, but I received a super warm welcome, everything was explained well and they take their time for everyone. It was a day I will never forget!!

Petra van den oever

What a special experience! And what a fantastically warm person Kim is. I had no idea what I expected, but I received a super warm welcome, everything was explained well and they take their time for everyone. It was a day I will never forget!!

Bianca Dekker

Gave me inspiration and energy. More consciousness on my breathing.

Marleen van Vught

Very special
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